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CRM Campaign Management that Connects Marketing and Sales

Build and deploy automated email campaigns for prospecting, lead nurturing and more. With Propeller, you can track leads from every campaign so you know which marketing and sales activity is turning into revenue.

Build High-Impact Email Sales Campaigns Like a Pro

Use our intuitive campaign tool to build email sequences, add messages, and optimize timing with just a few clicks. Templates make it easy to scale and grow your campaigns across your organization and track everything without duplicating work. No coding required. 

Put Email Marketing and Sales Emails on Autopilot

Sending manual sales emails is a thing of the past. Automated email campaigns make sure every contact gets rockstar treatment and you can focus on the ones that are ready to buy. Add leads and prospects to your email campaigns with just a click.

Close the Loop with Integrated Campaign Management and Tracking

Track email opens, clicks, and response rates for every contact and across the entire campaign. Tweak your messaging or timing on the fly to optimize campaign performance. 

Propeller’s campaign features are fully integrated with Gmail and the Chrome sidebar extension. Build, manage, track, and report on your sales and marketing campaigns from one place. No need to export data or compile reports from multiple tools.

Omnichannel Campaign Reporting that Captures Full Marketing & Sales ROI

Know which dollars are working and which ones are duds. Add customizable tags and attribution data to every lead, prospect, and opportunity in your CRM. Instantly compare email and campaign performance to see which messages receive the most engagement and the most responses. Fully track campaigns from any channel or source to measure campaign effectiveness and connect the dots from first-touch to first revenue⁠—and beyond. 

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