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The Best CRM for Startups that Want to Scale Quickly

Propeller is built for founders and startup teams that want to manage growth without being managed by their CRM.

Build a Sales Process that Will Stand the Test of Time

Your startup’s built to scale and so is Propeller CRM. From PMF to IPO, it’s the perfect tool for building, managing, and growing your startup’s sales pipeline.

Focus on Growth, Whether It’s Your First 50 Customers or Your Next $50MM

Create automated email campaigns to work new contacts, prospect for leads, and generate sales at scale. Send customized email sequences to book appointments, drive leads, and generate revenue. Propeller gives you the power to own your startup’s growth and save time.

Zoom in on Deals that Matter Most to Your Business

Move the needle by focusing your startup’s resources where they really matter. Visual pipeline management and reporting makes it simple for you to see which deals will get done and which ones are doomed. Manage your company’s critical contacts, stay focused, and execute to take your startup to the next level.

Know Every Number that Matters with Sales Reports & Dashboards

Whether you’re reporting to a board or managing your own burn rate, knowing the numbers is the difference between life and death. Propeller is the startup CRM that gives you intuitive and insightful reports about the health of your company without spending hours building out spreadsheets. Pipeline reports, revenue forecasts, conversion metrics, and more—all with just a few clicks.

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