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Run Effective Email Campaigns at Scale with Sales Email Automation

Welcome to automated email software that fits into your existing workflow. Run cold email campaigns without ever leaving your Gmail inbox. Easily connect, qualify, follow-up, and close leads at scale with Propeller. 

Your next big opportunity could be just one email away. Automated cold email campaigns help businesses generate new leads, identify hot prospects, and build relationships at scale.

Craft Automated Email Sequences that Stand Out in the Inbox

Keep following up until you get an answer. Send multi-touch email campaigns with customized wait times in between each step. Save time and personalize outreach at scale with email templates. Fill in standard variables like name and company or create your own variables to make every message unique.

Nail the Timing with Email Scheduling

Move deals through your pipeline faster with automated prospecting software. Boost open rates by ensuring your email arrives exactly when a prospect is most likely to click and reply. Schedule send times down to the minute and set automatic follow-up emails before you hit send.

Build Momentum with Email Tracking and Notifications

Track email engagement and know exactly when recipients open your message or click on a link. With real-time notifications and email tracking reports, our email tracking software helps you act quickly when leads are most engaged and send the right message to deliver results.

Land in the Inbox, Not the Spam Folder

Maximize deliverability and increase your open rate with full Gmail integration. Our cold email software helps you get your foot in the door by keeping your messages out of the spam folder. Get noticed by your leads and land in the inbox every time.

Measure Performance and Optimize Campaigns with Email Reporting

Track and measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns and compare performance to see which ones generate the best results. Detailed analytics and insights reveal exactly how leads and customers respond to your campaigns. See how many opens, clicks, and replies each email receives along the way.

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