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Keep Deals Flowing

Take control of your sales pipeline with Propeller.

Own Your Pipeline

Get an at-a-glance board view of your entire sales pipeline. Quickly see which deals are in motion, what needs attention, and where things are stalling out. Never wonder about the status of a big sale or let another opportunity get lost in the shuffle.

Get the Big Picture, Without Losing the Details

Effortlessly move from a board view to list view. Zoom in on the details that matter most for every deal.

Cut the clutter

Customize columns in list view to get the exact details you need on every deal, without any of the extra stuff you don’t.

Update deals on the fly

Edit your pipeline like a spreadsheet, making it quicker and easier than ever to keep every deal up to date and on track.

Slice and Dice your Data

Never worry about losing another detail, contact, or note. Propeller makes it effortless to find and manage everything in your CRM.

Find what you need

Powerful search functionality can instantly find whatever you need. Whether you’re looking for an email address, company, or conversation, it's just a search away.

Get down to brass tacks

Sort and filter your data to drill down on what matters in the moment.

Keep the team in sync

Save and share custom views within the CRM. Make sure your whole team is on the same page and working from the same data.

Pipelines that Put You In Control

Create multiple pipelines for different markets, products, or processes. Customize every pipeline to match your sales cycle and the needs of your team.

Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

Track and manage sales leads as you qualify them into your pipeline.

Keep your pipeline pristine

Never sift through dead leads again. Qualify every lead before they hit the pipeline and turn your sales operation into a perfectly tuned machine.

Capture leads anywhere

Integrate Propeller with web forms to sync leads straight from your website into your CRM.

Stay organized while prospecting

Run cold email campaigns at scale to qualify leads before they become opportunities.

Complements Your Sales Operation Without Commandeering It

Propeller is highly customizable with the ability to add attributes, columns, sales stages, and more. It’s a CRM designed to meet your needs instead of forcing you to change your process or operations.

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