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The Perfect Sales Pipeline Management Software for Movers, Shakers, & Makers

Built for fast-moving founders, lean sales teams, and scrappy startups, Propeller is the perfect pipeline management and tracking tool for the busiest people on the planet.

Build Customized Sales Pipelines in Seconds

Add and edit the stages of your pipeline to match your sales process. Create multiple pipelines for different deal flows, automatically convert qualified leads into CRM opportunities, and manage it all with just a few clicks.

Pipeline Management That’s as Intuitive as It Is Powerful

Instantly see every opportunity in real time with visual pipeline management. Update deal status with a simple drag-and-drop interface so your entire sales team is always in sync and focused on the deals that matter most. Never let another sale get stuck in limbo.

Up-to-Date Pipeline Reports, 24/7/365

Get the full picture of your sales process with automated sales reporting. Overview reports give you the high-level data you need to make decisions and detailed reports help you identify opportunities to take action.

Opportunity Forecast Reports that Turn CRM Data into Dollars

Know your numbers cold. Build effortless sales forecasts in seconds, including weighted win rates, variable deal sizes, and multiple sales stages.

Measure Your Conversions So You Can Manage Your Growth

Generate conversion funnel reports that instantly identify problems and give you the insight to streamline your entire sales operation.

If You Can Sell It, You Can Track It

Generate automated pipeline reports that give you full visibility into every part of your sales process that matters. From open opportunities to creation rate, historical pipeline data, conversion rates, source analysis, and more—Propeller does it all with just a few clicks. Learn more about Propeller’s lead tracking, funnel tracking, and sales tracking tools.

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