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Effortless Sales Funnel Tracking Software Built for Modern Teams

Simplify your funnel management so you can focus on connections and growth. Throw away ad-hoc tools and systems and use Propeller to manage your entire sales operation and stay on top of every lead, opportunity, and deal.

Finally take control of your sales pipeline.
Easily manage leads and opportunities so you never miss another followup or let another deal die on the vine.

Build Your Sales Funnel in Seconds

Don’t spend your day trying to learn complicated pipeline software. With Propeller, quickly add stages with just a few clicks and you’re ready to start tracking opportunities. You can also create sales funnels for every product, service, or team to track multiple processes and keep your team focused.

Act Fast and Manage Deals with Just a Click

Save time and headaches with a CRM that’s built to be easy. Keep your pipeline pristine without hefty administrative work. Drag and drop deals in your funnel as they move through the sales process. As your company grows, you can update your pipeline to match your evolving needs.

Track Your Funnel in Real-Time With Automated Reporting

Take the guesswork out of your sales process without wasting your day building bulky, manual reports. Create automated funnel snapshots that give you full insight into your sales process, win rates, and revenue forecasts.

Measure Opportunity Conversion Rates for Every Stage of Your Funnel

Identify opportunities to accelerate your company’s revenue with funnel conversion reports. Get a breakdown of your sales pipeline and quickly see bottlenecks to fine-tune your sales process and close more sales.

See Where Sales Get Stuck

Visualize your sales funnel to quickly see which stages lead to drop-offs and stalled deals. Sync with your sales team to find strategies that improve conversion rates and increase deal flow.

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