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CRM Reporting Shouldn’t Be Your Full-Time Job

Generate interactive CRM sales reports, build custom sales dashboards, and forecast growth & revenue. Propeller makes it simple to stay on top of your most critical sales numbers.

Pipeline Reports that Give You the Big Picture on Sales Performance

Get real-time pipeline analytics to see how deals are flowing through your sales cycle, where deals get stalled, and the current state of your entire sales operation. This snapshot report keeps you in the loop on everything that’s happening.

Plan for the Future with Always-Up-To-Date Revenue Forecasting

Create data-driven revenue forecasts to help you plan and adjust your sales strategy. Identify challenges and opportunities before they arrive so you can manage your sales team and the sales process to keep the business on track.

Conversion Reports that Help You Improve Dealflow

Uncover opportunities to optimize your pipeline with step-by-step pipeline conversion reports. Connect the dots to improve conversion rates at each stage of the process and accelerate new revenue. 

Manage the Team to Success with Activity Reports & Analytics

Track your sales team’s activity on the whole or at an individual level with Propeller CRM activity reports. Activity charts show you  which reps are most productive, how tasks and activities roll up into revenue, and give you metrics to set smart goals for everyone. 

Drive More Revenue with Campaign Reporting

Run campaign reports that let you track marketing and sales activity from first contact to final contract. Track how your dollars are being spent, which campaigns are generating the best return, and metrics that tell you how to optimize your time and money to fuel business growth.

If You Can Do It, You Can Track It with Custom Reports

Create your own customized CRM reports based on unique CRM fields and attributes. Segment data to give you the perfect look at the data that matters most to your team.

Sales Dashboards that Give You the Exact Data You Need, When You Need It

Build and configure an unlimited number of customized sales dashboards. Compile and customize reports so you have the perfect snapshot you need to make informed decisions for every part of your business and sales operation.

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