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The CRM Features You Need

Propeller has all of the features you need with none of the complexity of bulky, expensive CRMs.

Email Integration
All of your sales data, contacts, and pipeline information lives right in your inbox. No need to open multiple tabs or flip back and forth between conversations and your CRM.
Automated Email Campaigns
Scale your entire operation with automated email outreach, sales prospecting, and lead nurturing. Propeller lets you send personalized, multi-step email campaigns to the contacts that matter for your company.
Pipeline Management
See every deal in your pipeline at a glance with visual pipeline management. Update deal status with a single click and drag. Intuitive pipeline management makes it simple to keep every opportunity up to date.
CRM Task Management
Create and crush sales tasks with remarkable efficiency. Never let another loose end go incomplete with effortless CRM task management for follow-ups, reminders, and more.
CRM Reports
Get the sales data you need, anytime. Run real-time reports on pipeline health, conversion rates, revenue forecasts, or whatever information matters to your stakeholders.
Mobile App
Sell from anywhere--and keep your team in sync. Propeller’s mobile apps for iOS and Android put the full functionality of your CRM in your pocket, so you never have to wait to log a win.
Email Tracking
Master the art of the follow-up with automatic email tracking. See when your messages are opened and links are clicked so you know exactly where you stand with every contact.
Automated Follow-Up Emails
Persistence is key, except for when it takes up all of your time. Automate follow-up emails or reminders with Propeller to drive more results in less time.
CRM Campaign Management
Track marketing and sales campaigns through to revenue. Dial in your strategy for driving growth and ROI across the organization.
Sales Team Management
Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, Propeller has the perfect features for keeping everyone rowing in the same direction. Tasks, assignments, and reporting built for both burgeoning and established sales armies.
Funnel Tracking
Measure your funnel. Manage your growth. Get picture-perfect data on the health of your sales funnel, fine-tune the sales cycle, and make smart decisions about how to set yourself up for success.
Lead Tracking and Management
Turn contacts into leads into contracts. Track and manage every lead like it’s a high-dollar deal with Propeller.
Sales Tracking
Track your sales efforts without much effort. See the full picture with sales tracking features that make it easy to know how you’re spending time and money. Sync that data with outcomes to calculate ROI on everything you’re doing.
Sales Forecasting
Rain or shine, you need to know what’s coming. Propeller automates sales forecasting so you can stay strategic and data-driven with every decision you make.
PIpeline Reporting
Your pipeline is the heart of your company. Stay focused on the numbers that matter to drive growth and unlock new opportunities throughout the sales cycle.
CRM Dashboards
Sales dashboards for every stakeholder, LOB, product, or team. With just a few clicks, you can compile the perfect snapshot of the sales data you need to track and manage your team.
Simple CRM
Built to be both simple and powerful, Propeller is just lean enough for bootstrappers but feature-packed enough for growing sales teams.
Propeller is 100% cloud-based so your sales data, contacts, opportunities, and reports are accessible from anywhere and any device.

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