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Keep Leads Flowing with Automated Follow-Up Emails

Get more results with less effort. Put your sales outreach on autopilot with low-touch, high-impact follow-up emails. Propeller’s automatic email follow-up software works within Gmail to maximize your response rate.

Most sales require 5 or more follow-ups to close.
But most people give up after just a single message.
Automated follow-up emails help you maximize response rates and convert more leads without a second thought.

Set Follow-Up Reminders Before You Hit Send

Never miss another opportunity to connect. Stay two (or more) steps ahead of yourself by scheduling multiple follow-up emails and reminders in Gmail before you press send.

Easily Review + Manage Follow-Up Threads and Reminders From Your Inbox

See your complete list of follow-up reminders right from your Gmail inbox. Access your detailed task history in a single thread, including upcoming follow-ups and reminders. Make changes and send additional messages at any time.

Save More Time with Email Templates

Reply faster without compromising effectiveness or personalization. Quickly choose and customize messages from your library of email templates for the easiest way to follow-up with leads and prospects.

Automated Email Campaigns that Don’t Let Conversations Slip Away

Don’t take silence for an answer. Put your sales pipeline on autopilot with automated multi-step email campaigns. Streamline high-volume outreach efforts, get more responses, and automatically follow-up until leads respond.

Send the Right Message with Multi-Step Sequences

Create and customize multi-step email campaigns to ensure you send an optimal number of messages to get a response.

Pace Your Campaigns Perfectly

With easily-adjustable wait times, you can customize the frequency and wait times between messages within a campaign. Space out your emails based on how urgent or persistent you want your outreach efforts to be.

Automate Replies for Effortless Follow-Ups

The simplest way to maximize your response rate. Propeller CRM with email tracking ensures your message gets read by automatically tracking and following up with leads who don’t reply within a certain timeframe. Set automated email sequences to instantly pause when leads respond.

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