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Email Tracking Software that Gives Every Message Superpowers

Supercharge your response rate and email performance with Propeller’s simple email tracking CRM. Figure out exactly what works so you can fine-tune your messaging, target the right leads, and make more sales.

Track Emails Directly from Gmail

Track email opens and link clicks with seamless email tracking software that won’t disrupt your workflow. Propeller automatically tracks emails sent from Gmail - no added effort, steps, or tabs required. All you have to do is hit send.

Act Quickly with Real-Time Notifications

Stay on top of every conversation with automated sales email tracking and notifications. From opens to clicks to replies, our email tracker tool alerts you when recipients interact with your message. You’ll always know when leads are engaging and be able to respond quickly with preset and customizable email templates.

See All of Your Opens, Clicks, and Replies in One Place

Access your email tracking history at a glance, so you can see when recipients have read, clicked, and replied to your emails in the past. Make informed decisions and increase engagement based on past experiences and real-world scenarios.

Uncover Actionable Insights with Email Tracking Reports

The best email tracker for monitoring engagement across entire campaigns. Get detailed analytics and actionable insights that allow you to improve messaging at every step of your campaigns. Pinpoint how to optimize each email, sequence, and automated follow-up to drive results.

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