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Sell from Your Inbox with Seamless CRM Email Integration

Propeller CRM lives in your Gmail inbox and brings your sales data to you. Now you can easily grow your pipeline, complete tasks, and manage your contacts all from inside Gmail.

Never Lose Track of Another Lead with Automatic Email Sync

Full CRM email integration with Gmail means all of your data, contacts, and conversations are automatically synced – whether you’re at your desk or using our mobile CRM app. Optionally share history and contact details with your entire team so everyone can see what’s happening in real-time.

Put Leads into Context with Contact Information at a Glance

Easily access everything you need to personalize your outreach, build rapport, and propel opportunities forward. See a history of your tasks, follow-up reminders, and conversations right next to your inbox – and manage it all without leaving Gmail.

Meet the CRM with Email Marketing Superpowers

Do more with less effort. Turn Gmail into an automated prospecting machine with Propeller’s CRM email integration. Easily reach out to your prospects and turn leads into opportunities without leaving your inbox.

Reply Faster with Custom Email Templates

Quickly access your library of templates to send your most important emails effortlessly. Choose the perfect template and fill in variables directly from your Gmail compose window.

See Results with Automated Email Tracking and Notifications

Do recipients open your emails? Do they click on your links? Get automated email tracking and real-time notifications to find out as soon as someone interacts with your message.

Send Follow-up Reminders in Your Sleep

It takes at least five follow-ups to make a sale – so why would you give up any sooner? Automatically follow-up with leads who don’t respond and never let another opportunity slip through the cracks.

Run Automated Email Campaigns from Inside Gmail

Put your lead gen efforts on autopilot with automated multi-step email sequences that get results. Send automated follow-up emails at just the right time and automatically pause when leads respond.

Know When your Emails are Read

Know when your message is opened and when your links are clicked. Time every interaction perfectly and follow-up with exactly the right message at exactly the right time.

Access It All Without Leaving Gmail

Use the Propeller sidebar to stay focused on what matters. Contextual data keeps you in perfect sync on every deal. But, with just a click, expand the sidebar into a fully-functioning CRM to manage the entire pipeline, see forecasts, run reports, and more. You never have to leave your inbox.

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