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Own Your Growth with the Best Agency CRM

Grow your marketing agency faster and give every lead the attention they deserve. Propeller is the perfect, simple CRM for busy agency owners and managers.

The Marketing Agency CRM Built for Owners, Managers, and Salespeople—Whether That’s a Whole Team or a Team of One.

Build and Manage Relationships at Scale

Agency growth is about connections -- both making them and maintaining them. Propeller makes it simple to track and organize all of your conversations and connections so you never miss an opportunity with a potential future client.

Instantly Create CRM Contacts and Opportunities

Fly through your inbox, track conversations, and close deals. With two clicks, you can add new connections or sales to your pipeline.

Add Superpowers to Your Gmail

Stay lean without sacrifices. Propeller is built right into your Gmail inbox, so you can get the features of an industry-leading agency CRM without the need to complicate your workflow or your operation.

Visual Pipeline Management that’s Intuitive and Simple

You shouldn’t need to learn a foreign language just to keep track of your sales. Propeller’s visual pipeline management makes it simple and uncomplicated to add, track, and manage deals as they flow through your pipeline. Keep tabs on every potential client without getting buried in sales jargon or complicated CRM configuration.

Focus on Delivery, Deliver on Growth

Keep a steady stream of new work coming through the door, even when you’re heads-down on client projects. With pipeline management, automated email prospecting, and nurture campaigns, your funnel will never run dry.

Prospect for New Clients, Automatically

Build and run automated outbound email campaigns to generate a steady stream of new leads for when you need them most.

Keep Every Connection Warm

Nurture leads and stay in touch with contacts or referrals. Create custom email campaigns so you never forget to follow up or stay in touch, no matter how crazy your schedule gets.

Level Up Your Agency with a Smarter Sales Process

Formalize your sales process to focus on attracting and signing the best clients. Use templates and campaigns to qualify leads, build a bulletproof funnel, and stop wasting time by taking on the wrong work.

Focus Your Positioning & Marketing for Optimal Growth

Create intuitive sales reports and dashboards that help you focus your firm-wide strategy. Identify the clients, sources, industries, or projects that are driving growth. Then, put the right people in the right places to capitalize on what’s working best.

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