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Plan for Success with Better Sales Forecasting Software

Propeller lets you forecast revenue with confidence and make informed decisions that grow your business. Quickly generate detailed reports and leverage your sales data to reliably predict – and maximize – future revenue. 

Simple Forecast Reports With Big Planning Insights

Leverage the latest data from every deal in your pipeline to track progress toward revenue targets and sales goals. Our simple sales forecasting tools allow you to quickly create better forecasts, weighted pipelines, and predictive reports that you need to manage your business.

Know Your Sales Funnel, Hit Your Sales Goals

Use historical data to create accurate probabilities, make strategic, goal-based decisions, and easily adjust your forecasts. Understand every aspect of your sales funnel to find opportunities to drive more revenue.

Forecast Sales by Team or Individual Rep

Get a detailed picture of your team’s performance and always know how close you are to making quota. Segment reports by sales rep so management can track top performers and identify opportunities for coaching. Use predictive forecasts to keep your entire team motivated and accountable.

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