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Sales Team Management Software Built for Smart Leaders

Put your team on the fast-track to hitting quota. With Propeller’s comprehensive tracking, reports, and sales management software, every strategic move you make is backed up by real data.

The Insights You Need to Manage Your Sales Team to Success

Make the best use of your team’s time and resources. Propeller’s sales management software shows you everything you need to know about your pipeline, so you can uncover new ways to manage your team and optimize the sales cycle.

Easily Organize & Optimize Your Team’s Sales Process

See your team’s progress and follow leads through the sales funnel with a visual pipeline. Break down opportunities into stages to stay organized at every step.

See Your Sales Pipeline at a Glance

Manage your entire sales pipeline in one place. See how close leads are to closing and identify bottlenecks. Easily drag and drop opportunities between stages to reflect progress.

Quickly Adjust Stages to Reflect Your Sales Cycle

Build a custom sales pipeline in minutes.  With just a few clicks, generate a visual pipeline, define stages that align with your sales cycle, and set probabilities for better forecasting.

Complete Sales Activity Tracking & Management for Busy Sales Managers

It can be tough to stay up-to-date on everything your sales team is doing. Our sales team software empowers you to stay on top of every activity, conversation, and account your reps are working – so you know exactly how your team is performing and can manage accordingly.

Make the Right Calls to Win More Opportunities

Capture the data you need to make smarter, quicker decisions to drive sales forward. Instantly track every activity that impacts sales and use those findings to help your team close more deals.

Review, Coach, and Manage with Confidence

Share account conversation history with your team to monitor progress and streamline workflow. Preserve context so you can seamlessly assign the best rep for the job and understand your team’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Manage Like a Boss with Beautiful, Clear Sales Team Reports

Whoever said knowledge is power was probably a sales manager. Harness every bit of data from across your team and create custom sales team reports in seconds. Propeller generates clear, actionable reports, so you can manage even more effectively.

Plan Ahead with Accurate Pipeline Forecasts

Top-performing sales managers are always looking ahead. With accurate pipeline reports and forecasting, you can predict when revenue will come in and make strategic decisions to future-proof your sales process.

Easily Monitor Performance with Custom Activity Reports

See how individual reps are performing, so you can coach them to greater success. Segment reports by activity, account, timeframe, and team member to hold your reps accountable.

Turn Sales Reports into Growth Fuel for Your Business

Uncover actionable insights about your team’s performance. Track lead creation rate, lead sources, win rate, and more to find and leverage new opportunities for growth.

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