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Stay in Control of Your Opportunities with Sales Tracking Software

Always know exactly what’s happening with your sales efforts. Propeller simplifies your workflow by tracking every aspect of your sales process – so you can focus on sales and growing your business.

Track your entire sales funnel effortlessly – from cold outreach to warm leads to closed-won deals. With easy-to-use sales team tracking software designed to scale with your business, Propeller CRM is your all-in-one tool for growth.

Stay on Top of Your Sales Activities with One Simple Tool

Keep up to date on everything your sales team does, including how reps are performing, when proposals are sent out, and who’s working what deals. Automatically sync email conversations with contacts so you can always pick up exactly where you left off.

Follow Deals & Opportunities with Visual Pipeline Management

Our sales tracking system provides a visual representation of your pipeline, so you’ll never lose track of another opportunity. See exactly where your opportunities are – and the next step – at all times. 

Reports that Get the Most Out of Your Sales Data

From big-picture trends to granular details, turn your sales data into meaningful insights with Propeller sales reports. Get a clear picture of what activities team members are performing and what your revenue forecast looks like for next quarter.

See everything you need to know about your sales performance – including how to optimize your sales funnel and forecasts – all in one place.

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