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Simple Lead Tracking Software for Growing Companies

Getting leads isn’t enough. Growing your business requires tracking, nurturing, and converting leads into customers. Propeller simplifies lead tracking and management at every step of your sales process.

Track Every Sales Opportunity from Conversation to Close

Make the most of every lead with a CRM built to drive revenue. Keep track of every conversation, lead, and opportunity so you’re never leaving money on the table. Then, close with confidence—and convenience.

Track & Qualify Leads with Precision

Visual pipeline management makes it easy to see where each lead is in the qualification process. You’ll always know exactly when leads are ready to become sales opportunities.

Stay Organized with Tasks, Notes, & Reports

Keep everyone on your team on top of their to-do list with individual task assignments and notes. Sales managers can easily identify, track, and report on sales activities across the entire team. 

Give Hot Leads the Attention They Need

Keep your pipeline focused only on the deals that matter most. Convert qualified leads into sales opportunities with a single click and assign opportunities to the right sales reps to work the deal to close. 

See Pipeline Trends More Clearly with Lead Reporting

Propeller’s lead reporting features help you identify and leverage pipeline trends, so you can move leads through your pipeline more quickly. Unlock insights to streamline your sales process, optimize messaging at every stage, and maximize conversions.

Keep Leads Flowing with the Right Email at the Right Time

Manage leads as they move through your pipeline with relevant email campaigns for every stage. Use our campaign feature to connect with new contacts, nurture leads, and qualify sales opportunities. Build custom campaigns for prospecting, lead qualification, saving stalled deals, and anything else you need to optimize your sales operation.

Bring Your A-Game, 24/7/365

No off-days, dropped balls, or missed opportunities. Create and save optimized email sequences to maximize opens, clicks, and replies. Add leads and prospects to your campaign to nurture and convert without a second thought.

Boost Response Rates with Automated Follow-ups

Effortless lead nurturing. Campaigns take the work out of sales by sending follow-up messages until leads respond. Just hit send once and Propeller will take it from there.

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