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Sales Pipeline Reports that Put You in Control

Built for sales managers with ambitious goals. Automated pipeline reporting from Propeller gives you the information and insights you need to drive growth--without the headache of uploading and updating spreadsheets.

Your sales pipeline is the heart of your business. 
Pipeline reports from Propeller give you an instant pulse on your sales team’s progress, the information you need to set goals, and the power to manage growth.

Manage Dealflow in Real-Time with Your Visual Sales Pipeline

Get a snapshot of your entire sales pipeline in an instant with visual pipeline management. Manage the entire team and know where every opportunity sits, identify pipeline bottlenecks, and make sure deals are flowing with a simple drag-and-drop interface that keeps your whole team in sync.

See the Future with Opportunity Forecasts

Build a revenue forecast report with two clicks in Propeller. See a weighted forecast of future revenue that’s adjusted for close date, win probability, and deal size. You’ll always know your team’s numbers and never second-guess your revenue projections again.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Pipeline Analytics

See how opportunities are moving through your funnel, how long they spend at each stage, and where deals are dying. Propeller’s built-in pipeline reports give you the information you need to fine-tune your sales process to improve conversions and accelerate revenue.

CRM Reporting Built for Your Unique Sales Process

Propeller reporting is easy to configure, customize, and update to fit your sales process and the needs of your team. Keep your sales data accurate and up-to-date so you always have the knowledge you need to generate more business.

Run 15+ Sales Reports in an Instant with Propeller

Track every metric that matters to your sales team with Propeller’s simple and powerful reporting engine. Create and configure a wide variety of reports with just a few clicks and no manual data entry. Get instant information on pipeline health, wins over time, opportunity sources, historical pipeline metrics, and more. Combine multiple reports onto a dashboard.

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