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CRM Task Management for Superpowered Sales Teams

Track and manage all of your team’s sales activities without making it a full-time job. Propeller makes it easy to assign and complete tasks so deals are always moving forward.

Sell as a Team with Integrated Task Management for Everyone

Track and manage the combined sales activity from everyone on your team. Assign follow-ups, set reminders, and more. With deal information automatically integrated into each task, your entire organization can save time and tedious data entry.

Create and Assign Tasks with Precision & Speed

With just two clicks, you can add tasks or follow-ups to specific contacts or accounts, assign them to a member of your team, and categorize them neatly for tracking. Tasks and activities are associated with CRM records, so there’s no extra tagging or assignments needed.

See Your Team’s Activity and Automatically Track Their Progress

Measure and manage your team’s sales activity. Build customized reports or dashboards that keep you privy to what your team is getting done and how its affecting sales and revenue.

Create Custom Tasks for Your Team’s Sales Process

Every sales process is unique. Propeller makes it easy to define custom tasks and categories for your important sales activities, whether they’re standard follow-ups or full-blown regulatory requirements.

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