The Best Pipedrive Alternative: Why Fast-Growing Companies Choose Propeller CRM

There’s no doubt that Pipedrive is a powerful solution for many organizations.

But it’s not right for all companies--especially startups, service firms, and other fast-growing businesses looking for a lightweight CRM that works the way they do.

Time and time again, businesses like LogDNA, 500startups, Women Who Code, and GrowthX all choose Propeller over Pipedrive and other alternatives.

Why is Propeller CRM the best alternative to Pipedrive for startups?

Propeller offers almost all of the same functionality as Pipedrive, but also provides native Gmail integration, automated email campaigns and workflows, and scalable flat-fee pricing perfect for growing teams.

Let’s look at what makes it the best solution for smart companies looking to grow.

Propeller CRM Works Where You’re Most Productive

Salespeople and founders spend way too much time toggling between tasks and popping in and out of extra programs. In fact, something like 20% of the day is just spent context switching from one screen to the next.

Can you imagine having 20% more time in your day to focus on the work that matters?

Propeller CRM Works Where You’re Most Productive

Propeller is purpose-built by a startup founder, for other founders and startup sales teams.

It’s built to work the way your work, without extra steps or tedious tasks like data entry. You spend most of your day in Gmail, managing deals, making pitches, and setting appointments.

Shouldn’t your CRM live where you get most of your work done?

Propeller is fully integrated with Gmail and G-Suite and works seamlessly with your existing workflows.

There are no extra steps, setup, or administrative overhead. You won’t have to toggle between tabs or spend extra hours updating your CRM at the end of the day.

With just a few clicks, you can expand the full CRM functionality in your inbox. This makes it a breeze to update contact data or launch a prospecting campaign without ever leaving the place where you spend most of your day--Gmail!

Even better, for busy startup founders, there are no extra steps between receiving a response or an inquiry and logging the details into the CRM. Just create an opportunity right from your inbox and go about your day. Nothing falls through the cracks and there’s no context switching that slows you down.

While Pipedrive integrates with Gmail generally, the experience is not seamless.

In fact, Pipedrive users are basically doubling their inbox by integrating with Pipedrive, which pulls in messages and creates a new and separate inbox within the Pipedrive interface.

“I don't love the way the email works,” writes a user named Alex in a review on Capterra. “You connect your Gmail to Pipedrive and can then send messages from within Pipedrive. That means you'd have to give up the Gmail interface if you really wanted all of your emails tracked.”

Go Beyond Pipedrive’s Pipeline Management with Automated Prospecting & Outreach

The sales pipeline is the heart of your organization.

It’s where you see, track, and manage all of the deals that are flowing through your company. And having a simple and intuitive pipeline management solution is incredibly important for keeping sales teams focused and organized.

Propeller and Pipedrive offed very similar visual pipeline management functionality meant to solve this need for sales teams.

Go Beyond Pipedrive’s Pipeline Management with Automated Prospecting & Outreach

But Propeller goes beyond sales pipeline management.

Our CRM also offers automated, multi-step email campaigns and workflows that Pipedrive doesn’t offer.

These email campaigns can be used to automate sales outreach and prospecting campaigns, keeping new opportunities flowing in.

Our CRM also offers automated, multi-step email campaigns and workflows that Pipedrive doesn’t offer.

You can also create custom followup campaigns, nurturing sequences, and even Onboarding workflows—all from the CRM.

This makes it not just an ideal solution for teams who need to track their pipeline, but also teams who want a solution to help them grow their pipeline, too.

Whether you’re focused on generating new leads, converting more opportunities, retaining current customers—or all three—Propeller is a powerful alternative to Pipedrive that offers important features to help grow your business.

Propeller vs Pipedrive: Simple Pricing for Growing Businesses

The worst situation for a startup is when they outgrow their software or it becomes prohibitively expensive. Sure, it works great for one person bootstrapping the company, but how much will it cost when you have a team of 10, 100, or 1000 FTEs?

Propeller takes the guesswork out of pricing.

It’s a flat $35/mo/user (or $348/yr/user) with no limitations, restrictions, or tiers.

On the flipside, Pipedrive offers multiple tiers of pricing, each with specific functionality that you’ll have to pay extra to unlock. This means your price will go up as you expand and need more features, or as your team grows and you need extra functionality to accommodate it.

We know that dealing with product tiers and mix-and-match functionality is not how you want to spend your time.

Skip the negotiations, back-and-forth, or upgrade headaches and choose Propeller for flat, honest pricing that includes every feature and unlimited contacts, deals, campaigns--and growth!

The Best Alternative to Pipedrive: Propeller vs Pipedrive at a Glance

So far, we’ve pointed out some of the features of Propeller that make it a better alternative to Pipedrive for many companies.

But what if we compare functionality side-by-side?

Let’s see how Propeller and Pipedrive stack up in terms of core functionality.

The Best Alternative to Pipedrive: Propeller vs Pipedrive at a Glance

As you can see, Propeller offers all of the same functionality as Pipedrive, plus many other features that you can’t get from their CRM.

Propeller as the best option for startups, service firms, and other small businesses that want to grow quickly and be agile.

Check Out all of Propeller’s Features

See all of Propeller’s features below.

Email Campaigns

Send, schedule, and test automated, multi-step email campaigns with just a few clicks. Add leads, prospects, or customers to custom campaigns and run your workflows on autopilot.

Learn about email campaigns

Gmail Integration

Deep Gmail integration puts the full power of an industry-leading CRM right in your inbox. Add the Google Chrome extension to enable the Gmail sidebar with full CRM capabilities, email tracking, templates, follow-up scheduling, and more.

Learn about email integration

Pipeline Management

See and manage all of your sales opportunities without a second thought. Visual pipeline management is flexible and extendable to meet your team’s needs.

Learn about pipeline management

Tasks and Activities

Schedule, track, and tackle all of your sales tasks. Take notes and create activities for you and your teammates to make sure you follow through on every deal and win more revenue.

Learn about tasks and activities

Reporting and Dashboards

Build custom sales reports and real-time sales dashboards in minutes. Break down your sales cycle, funnel, and forecast to give you clear insights into your sales performance and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Learn about reporting and dashboards

Mobile Apps

Never leave home without your CRM again. Propeller offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Learn about CRM mobile apps

API and Integrations

Take the power of the best CRM for startups and turn it to 11. Integrate your sales data and workflows with more than 1,000 apps using Zapier and PieSync, or tap directly into our REST API to build custom integrations that meet your exact specifications.

Learn about API and integrations

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