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Make Email Your #1 Sales Channel

Put your pipeline on autopilot with sales campaigns, prospecting, and outreach tools.

Unlock growth with customized, targeted outbound campaigns. Automated prospecting emails turn your sales organization into a finely-tuned machine and streamline the flow of new business into your pipeline.

Automated Sales Campaigns + Multi-Step Outreach

Run email campaigns and fill your pipeline with hot new leads.

Customize outreach at scale

Create email templates with custom fields or even customize each individual email. Nail the perfect message for each lead to accelerate sales and win more deals.

Perfect messages with impeccable timing

Schedule email flows at custom intervals to stay top-of-mind without burying prospects in annoying follow ups.

Seize every opportunity

Send automated replies to follow up with every lead and move deals through the pipeline.

Deliver at the Optimum Time

Make sure your emails arrive when your prospects are most likely to ready them. Control day of week and time of day settings and target by timezone to ensure you get the best open rate.

Stay on Top of the Results

Intelligent campaign features keep you focused on the leads that matter.

Keep sending until you get a reply

Responses are automatically flagged and removed from the workflow to avoid embarrassing mistakes and superfluous follow ups. Handles out-of-office messages intelligently.

Know what messages are resonating

Detailed tracking of views, clicks, replies, and opt-outs on each step as well as the overall campaign help you tailor your message to deliver results.

Hit the Inbox, Not the Spam Folder

Maximize deliverability and visibility of every campaign. With full Gmail integration, Propeller email campaigns won’t be treated like a bulk email blast or flagged as spam.

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